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Grammy Awards 2023: Whose Fashion Commanded the Most Attention?

For decades, music's biggest night has been about rock outrageousness, hip-hop flash, and pop star glitz. Sunday night was no exception.

Out With the Old! A Red Carpet Fiasco Starring Barbra Streisand (and the Guy...

When Hollywood tried to sweep the comedy legend under the rug, his handler at the "Meet the Fockers" premiere took a stand

At Mírate, Modern Mexican Goes Upscale

The Los Feliz restaurant's stunning 7,500-square-foot multi-level space is just its first surprise; fresh and bright ceviche, unique tacos, and a star barman's mezcal-heavy cocktails await

Anti-Police Councilman Fuming Over LAPD Call

Cops delighted in the irony of Hugo Soto-Martinez phoning for backup to protect his stricken Lexus. But wait…doesn’t the freshman socialist drive a Prius?

McCarthy Keeps Swinging in His Fight Against Omar, Schiff, and Swalwell

Kevin McCarthy barely got his own party to elect him House Speaker, but he managed to oust Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee

Many Fear Spot, a Robo-Dog Cop, as Industry Embraces the Canine Droid

L.A. city officials have approved adding a robot dog to its law enforcement arsenal, but it's creepy, mindless, and no one knows what it does

You Don’t Have to Go to a Sports Bar to Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday can be the most raucous day of the year, but if crowds of hysterical fans isn’t your jam, try one of these options instead

The Ultimate Los Angeles Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

There will be wining and there will be dining across the city this Feb. 14. Get a jump on the action with our latest list of hot items and experiences

“Squid Game” Reality Show Participants Cite Inhumane Set Conditions

Freezing weather and physically punishing games requiring medical attention. Is this worth the $4.56M prize?

Michel Moore’s Short, Strange Trip to a Second Term as LAPD Boss

Cityside Column: Police Chief Michel Moore gets extended, but he'll continue to run the department for a limited time only