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cocaine cowboys netflix

Netflix’s ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ Makes ‘Miami Vice’ Look Like Child’s Play

The adrenaline-packed tale of two Cuban drug kingpins (and speedboat racers) who flooded the U.S. with tons of blow, is an epic binge
santa monica pier

Some of the Best Things to Do in L.A. This Weekend

The a workout on the pier, a vintage fair, and more
recall election debate

Recall Candidates Slam Newsom, COVID Safety Measures, and Minimum Wage in First Debate

Four Republicans hoping to take over for Gov. Gavin Newsom come September went head to head at the Nixon Presidential Library
suicide squad

What to Stream This Weekend: The Suicide Squad, Cooking with Paris, and More

A roundup of the best movies and shows available right in your living room
south park

Paramount+ Pays $900 Million for 14 New ‘South Park’ Movies

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have a lot more Cartman and Co. coming our way
mike richards jeopardy host

Jeopardy! Is Reportedly Close to Naming a New Host—and It’s Not LeVar Burton

After months of guest hosts, a media report on the beloved game show's future has people appropriately asking, "Who is Mike Richards?"
moms touch gardena

South Korea’s Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Opened Its First U.S. Outpost in Gardena

Fried chicken joint Mom's Touch lands in an area known for yummy international offerings—and more locations are in the works
robert durst

Morning Brief: Accused Murderer Robert Durst Is Expected to Testify Today

Also, molotov cocktails planted at an East Hollywood Metro station, and more
larry elder recall

Larry Elder Thinks California’s Minimum Wage Should Be $0 an Hour

The gubernatorial recall candidate said in an interview that the state's workers guaranteed a base pay of zilch