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Harvey Weinstein Trial

Weinstein Defense Witness Doesn’t Recall Alleged ‘Dirty Dancing’ Attack

Harvey Weinstein’s team also began his defense on rape charges in L.A. by announcing the former producer will not take the stand

Iran Demands U.S. Ousted from World Cup After Flag-Switch Hilarity

The U.S. Soccer Federation changed the Iranian flag on social media to show solidarity with protestors in the country

Bob Dylan Has Auto-Signed Art for Years—Massive Refunds Are Now Due

In a rare public statement, Bob Dylan said he regrets using an auto-pen to sign books and artwork, adding, blame COVID

Balenciaga Says Sorry for Those Children with Bondage Bears in New Ads

Meanwhile, Balenciaga loyalist Kim Kardashian is ”currently re-evaluating” their relationship following the S&M tot photo spread
Police Lights 2022 Los Angeles Magazine

Daily Brief: L.A. Cop Ignored Policy in Shooting of Girl, 14; Musk Welcomes Back...

Also, Nick Fuentes, former child star of the arch right, went with Kanye West to meet Trump, and the media’s livid

Newsom Swears He Won’t Run for Prez, No Matter What Joe Biden Does

One of the few Democrats with anything going for him nationally, CA Gov. Gavin Newsom still will not cop to nursing presidential ambitions

Peter Quinn’s Hobby Made Him the Accidental VFX Artist to the Stars

Visual effects artist Peter Quinn turned his pandemic pastime into a video service to some top dogs, and Dogg, in Hollywood

U.S. Ponies Up $1B to Keep California’s Last Nuclear Plant Humming

The Diablo Canyon Power Plant was scheduled to close in 2025, but federal backing will now inevitably prolong its lifespan

Police Commission Says LAPD Cop Flouted Policy in Shooting of Girl, 14

Valentina Orellana-Peralta, 14, died in her mother’s arms in North Hollywood dressing room after Officer William Jones fired 3 shots

What’s On in L.A. This Weekend: Late Night Brunch, Christmas on the Farm, Holiday...

Also, after a brief, unfortunate end to the second leg of his September show, The Weeknd is back in Los Angeles to perform again