A Fresh Idea


Illustration by Bill Brown

We sweat every comma that appears in this magazine. We sift through dozens of photos of Scottish salmon with pickled fennel (“Don’t you think it’s a little sexier from this angle?”) just to fill a one-inch space. We argue over proper usage of the indicative versus the subjunctive. We spare each other embarrassment (ah, it’s “toe the line,” not “tow the line”—thanks, copy department!) and from resorting to clichés (you should never be “ready for your close-up” unless you are Gloria Swanson). Which is to say, we understand that every piece of writing and every piece of art that goes into the magazine represents an opportunity to reach and resonate. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. There is a constant, mostly undifferentiated flow of information coming at all of us, and it’s our goal to make these pages as beautiful and accessible as possible. We want you to linger; we want you to learn.

That is why you’re holding an issue that looks very different from last month’s. For the past year we have been planning this restructuring of the way in which you experience Los Angeles magazine. In industry lingo it’s called a redesign. Before launching into this, we asked ourselves: Are we providing everything we can for our readers? How can we make the magazine even more enjoyable? You’ll find a much more interactive design that’s intended to improve navigation. These pages aren’t just pretty to look at—they’re brimming with crucial information that is broader and deeper in scope. We haven’t lost anything you loved; we’ve only moved it around. The front of the magazine has been divided into four sections: Buzz, Shop, Eat, and Do. In the Buzz section are the new departments CityThink and How L.A. Works alongside old favorites like Ask Chris and L.A. Story. The Seen party page now gives you the back story about the people in the pictures. We’ve added the Eat section, which will keep you on top of dining trends (the column by Patric Kuh, our James Beard Award-winning restaurant critic, has moved here). The Do section is home to the Culture Files (look for news on noteworthy books, movies, and music) and The Guide, which returns by popular demand. We also devote a page to Nightlife to explore that ever-shifting territory. In the back are enhanced Dining Out listings that have been reorganized and include more restaurants and timely tidbits.

Los Angeles’s new look is sophisticated, elegant, and optimistic, and that’s due to our design director, Steven Banks, and art directors Byron Regej and Mac Lewis. I can’t imagine another team of designers working as tirelessly as they have with such remarkable results. These guys are good.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we did producing it. As always, let us know what you think at [email protected].