Women and Cars, As Depicted By Stock Photography



We’re accustomed to visual correlations between the curves of an automobile to those of the female body, but what about depictions of a woman’s own relationship to a car? You know, like actually driving one? Advertisements and stock photography–the latter of which is produced by companies like Shutterstock and sold to publications (like this one) as alternatives to original photography–would have us believe that when women drive cars, they do so in bright, cheerful attire, large smiles stretched across their faces, and of course, arms up! Because ladies are always having fun!

We’re jamming in Hawaii, obvs! We were having so much fun shoulder-dancing while driving that we’re a danger to the road! We had to pull into a large cobblestone driveway so that we could really let loose. Safety first!

OMG, we totally forgot to get gas before hitting the road for Vegas. Duhhh! We’re like, such idiots, lol. But, memories, you guys! Also, all fun women drive red cars.