What Christmas Shopping and Car Accidents Have in Common

Don’t make the holiday even more expensive

The holiday shopping season is upon us, which translates to pilgrimages to the Westside Pavilion, the Grove, and the Glendale Galleria for many Angelenos. The brave folks who venture to those shopping meccas by car should be especially wary when navigating those epic garages and parking lots, according to the Auto Club of Southern California.

Insurance claims are especially high during this time and the unique experience of battling for space in a packed enclosure only increases the collision odds, the Auto Club claims. Already, 14 percent of all accidents occur in parking lots. At the Beverly Center in December, for example, the odds are even worse.

The urge to get out of a cavernous, claustrophobic garage as fast as possible is also dangerous, so back up with caution. The Auto Club reports that while drivers spend one percent of their time in reverse, backing up results in one-quarter of all crashes. Free delivery, anyone?