Wednesday Wheels: The Rasta Bus and Friends


Welcome to our new weekly feature, where we spot some of the most impressive, double-take-inducing cars seen this week. We’re not talking about expensive Beemers that blend into the background; we mean cars that showcase some fun, some style, some panache. Hopefully, these cars will help you glide toward Friday. Click on the pics for larger images and send us your own favorite cars by emailing [email protected]


ladydriverSpotted: Classic Convertible
Where: Santa Monica
In the midst of horrendous Lincoln Boulevard traffic, this interesting restored car made sitting at a stand-still a little more bearable. Captained by a lady driver with a classic white top and dark ponytail, this little “MOGGIE B” was the best part about our commute home. -Photograph by Shayna Rose Arnold


aerobicsSpotted: Silver Honda
Where: Near USC
Parked in front of a Pasta Roma restaurant on Figueroa, this car is a moving advertisement for “Pole Aerobics—A Sexy New Way to Lose Weight.” We’re guessing the owner is targeting those of us who just ate twice their weight in lasagna.



lakersSpotted: Gold Ford Explorer
Where: 10 freeway
We can’t help but be impressed by this kind of dedication. Note the rear window detailing, “LAKERZ” license plate, and family of fans in sticker form. The only way to make this any more fan-tastic would be purple rims—just a suggestion!



rastabusSpotted: Rasta Bus
Where: Mid-City
Caught a look at this beaut in a quiet neighborhood near the L.A. mag office on an average Monday evening. There were no passengers nor was there anyone in the driver’s seat, which makes us wonder if this residential area was just one of the stops on this party bus’ tour.