Wednesday Wheels: Past, Present, Future

Car-spotting to get you past the hump

Welcome to our new weekly feature, where we spot some of the most impressive, double-take-inducing cars seen this week. We’re not talking about expensive Beemers that blend into the background; we mean cars that showcase some fun, some style, some panache. Hopefully, these cars will help you glide toward Friday. Click on the pics for larger images and send us your own favorite cars by emailing [email protected]

image(1)Spotted: Mid-century Dodge Dart
Where: Santa Monica

There’s just something so cool about this throwback: we can almost see Ryan O’Neal or Natalie Wood driving this thing. Something tells us this Dart wasn’t that cool in, say, the ’80s, but as Carly Simon sang, “It’s coming around again.”



photo(35)Spotted: Mercedes-Benz G-class
Where: Westwood

You see a lot of Benzes in L.A., but not necessarily tons of these boxy G-classes. And why not? They’re pretty darn cool. Paint one green and yellow and it could be one of those jeeps in Jurassic Park.



imageSpotted: Jet-black McLaren
Where: Westwood

McLarens are not yet ubiquitous on the streets of Los Angeles, but they’re becoming more common. This luxurious beauty was spotted in humble Westwood Village, home to more buses and skateboards than six-figure cars.