Wednesday Wheels: Muscle Cars Pump Up the Westside


Welcome to our new weekly feature, where we spot some of the most impressive, double-take-inducing cars seen this week. We’re not talking about expensive Beemers that blend into the background; we mean cars that showcase some fun, some style, some panache. Hopefully, these cars will help you glide toward Friday. Click on the pics for larger images and send us your own favorite cars by emailing [email protected] (we need your help getting more neighborhood-diverse vehicles, please!).


Spotted: black Dodge Challenger
Where: Westwood

This black beauty was an island of gorgeousness is a parking lot sea of banality. Sleek and spotless, this Challenger made us want to jump on the hood and reenact a Warrant video. This  baby should have been on Sunset or Cahuenga, not the cement moat surrounding the Federal Building. Oh well.


photo(21)Spotted: black Dodge Challenger
Where: Westwood

We were about to leave the parking lot and attempt to find more amazing cars amid the Priuses and Camrys that rule Westwood, but another Challenger stopped us in our tracks. Are these sisters? Where did that purple stripe come from? Can I have a picnic on the hood? So many questions.