Wednesday Wheels: Coast to Coast Stunners


Welcome to our new weekly feature, where we spot some of the most impressive, double-take-inducing cars seen this week. We’re not talking about expensive Beemers that blend into the background; we mean cars that showcase some fun, some style, some panache. Hopefully, these cars will help you glide toward Friday. Click on the pics for larger images and send us your own favorite cars by emailing [email protected]

photo (1)Spotted: Pontiac Solstice
Where: Palm Springs

Pontiac doesn’t come to mind when you think sports car, but this shiny ginger caught our eye in the parking lot of Trio, a popular downtown restaurant. This roadster may not be as sexy as a T-bird, but it’s a thrifty alternative. You can’t buy them new anymore–they stopped production four years ago–but if you snap one up now, they’ll be even cuter in a decade or so.           photo (2)

Spotted: ’70s-era Lincoln Continental
Where: Palm Springs

Everything comes back in style, including this Me Decade Continental. Ubiquitous until the early ’90s, these boats have mostly disappeared from modern roads. While a little too cumbersome for city driving, this baby blue beauty is just right for the desert.


photoSpotted: Porsche Roadster
Where: West L.A.

You spot lots of high-end cars on the Westside, but only a sampling inspire lascivious looks. Porsches, especially, have been legendary for so long, it’s easy to forget how sleek and aerodynamic they are, but this one reminded us. Anyone care to ditch work and drive up the PCH?


photo (3)Spotted: ’57 Chevy Bel-Air
Where: Central Florida

Traveling to The Villages, a senior community an hour northwest of Orlando, we saw more golf carts than gorgeous cars. But we stopped in our tracks when our eyes settled on this immaculate Bel-Air. The proud owner sat sipping coffee a few feet away and appreciated our gawking, though he jokingly told us it was $10 a picture.