Waze, Caltrans Team Up as Traffic-Fighting Super Duo

An app partnership made in congestion-free heaven

Waze is a godsend when it comes to driving in L.A., and as the real-time traffic app improves, so do our lives (no exaggeration: there are 1.7 million monthly Waze users in this city). The technology’s latest upgrade is a collaboration with the California Department of Transportation, which handles the maintenance and repair of our streets and freeways. In a new agreement announced on Tuesday, the two behemoths will now freely share information.

The quid pro quo arrangement means Waze will provide Caltrans with its user-generated updates on traffic, accidents, and police activity. For its part, Caltrans—which operates its own traffic app, QuickMap—will offer information on construction, road closures, and other changes they might be privy to.

“Combining the real-time anonymous data from Waze, sourced from drivers themselves, with Caltrans’ vast network of traffic management systems is a win-win for California drivers,” Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty told the Associated Press.