5 West L.A. Spots to Watch Out for Crossing Trains

Driving on the Westside is changing irrevocably—here’s what to know

The Expo Line extension to Santa Monica is now in the final testing phase, with an opening scheduled for May 20. With empty trains now criss-crossing West L.A. and Santa Monica, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists need to be hyper-aware of where the crossings are.

While the new 6.6-mile extension is partially elevated and, thus, separated from traffic at many points, it also interacts with Westside streets more than a dozen times. Here’s where to be especially vigilant when you’re behind the wheel (and stay tuned for a primer on Santa Monica crossings):

Bagley Avenue & Exposition Boulevard:
There are crossing gates at this intersection, which is just west of Culver City and in a residential neighborhood in Palms.

Overland Avenue & Exposition Boulevard:
This train crossing cuts across frenetic Overland Avenue, but there are wide crossing arms to make sure cars and trains don’t mix.

Westwood Boulevard & Exposition Boulevard:
A station sits on the eastern end of this intersection, but trains will path at street-level. Crossing gates will help keep the peace.

Military Avenue & Exposition Boulevard:
This quiet residential neighborhood is getting used to the train, and drivers should, too. Luckily, there are crossing gates here.

Barrington Avenue & Exposition Boulevard:
The train traverses Barrington Avenue, just south of Pico, Busy Barrington, one of the few north-south conduits in West L.A., is served by crossing arms.