Volkswagen Booked Funny or Die for New Golf Ads


Volkswagen is hoping a little humor—emphasis on little—will encourage you to buy one of their new Golfs.

The German automaker hooked up with the humor website Funny or Die to create a set of videos promoting the 2015 Golf, which indeed looks zippy and adorable in the first video, “The Way Too Helpful Neighbor.”  The three-minute spot chronicles the misadventures of a sad-sack boyfriend expecting the arrival of his girlfriend’s parents. An overly-zealous neighbor—played by The Descendents‘ Ron Huebel—takes the boyfriend on a drive through Target (yes, through) to pick up some throw pillows and scented candles to impress the arriving guests.

The ad does its job by showcasing the Golf, as well as Target, which certainly was part of this deal. The only thing missing is the laughs. Huebel is annoying and scary, not amusing. Come on, guys, take a cue from Toyota.

Let’s hope the future videos, to be featured on Funny or Die and TBS commercial breaks, are a bit more memorable. We’ll give Volkswagen credit for trying something new, but it’ll be hard for them to ever top the “Da Da Da” commercial.