Useful Today: Windshield Wipers for Motorcycle Helmets

Who wouldn’t want moving blades near their face?

On a wet and wild day like today, you feel for people trapped in the rain; motorcycle and scooter-riders certainly come to mind. A new invention aims to at least improve visibility for two-wheel enthusiasts by creating windshield wipers that fit right on your helmet.

The Rainpal sits on the visor, and appears pretty easy to attach and remove. An electric blade can be turned on via a button on the contraption or wireless controls that fit on the motorcycle’s handlebars. Aside from whisking away wetness, Rainpal’s British inventors also say it helps with defogging the visor by removing chilly moisture and warming up the surface.

Retailing for about $70, the Rainpal—tested at speeds up to 100 mph—also comes with a visor spray to clean a dirty helmet. Jalopnik takes a few jabs at the kooky contraption, but ultimately decides it may be a useful little tool. Commenters, on the other hand, have this advice for motorcyclists trying to rid their helmets of rain: Turn your head for a few seconds.