Use Your Ride to Say “I Love You”


If you think about how many times you’ve driven to and from dates, it becomes apparent that your car is a regular third wheel. Why not ditch the traditional bouquet of flowers and use your auto to express your feelings? Flowers die; cars last a battery-lifetime. Try some of these moves, which we’ve listed from least amount of commitment to most:

1. Drive Home the Chivalry
Channel your inner chauffeur-in-shining armor and open the door for someone you care about. This gesture is most effective when you’ve parallel parked on a crowded Santa Monica street: not only are you going out of your way to be nice, you’re also risking your life in on-coming traffic. You’ll be like a 21st century King Arthur or Guinevere, only with more horsepower.

2. Clean Up Your Act
Love is patient, love is kind. Love is an uncluttered legroom. Clear out last month’s old Starbucks cups from the passenger area so your beloved can stretch out his or her gams on the drive to dinner. Benefits of a clean front seat include, but are not limited to, improved leg circulation, looking like you have your life together, and finally getting rid of that weird burnt milk smell.

3. Brave the Back-Up
So your honey lives on the Westside and doesn’t want to grab an Uber or hop on the Expo Line? Driving against traffic will make you very late, but it will also make you a hero. Time is money, and in this case, money can buy you love.

4. Say It with a Plate
A vanity plate can cost as little as $49 (with a $38 annual charge). With eight spaces and multiple shapes—hearts and stars are available—you can use your license plate as a canvas to express your deepest feelings. It’s more permanent (and public) than changing your relationship status on Facebook. Some suggestions: I <3 YOU; TAKEN<3; LUV4EVER—although, let’s be honest with ourselves, those have probably been claimed already. (Bumper stickers are comparable to vanity plates, but much more difficult to change in case of a break-up. FYI.)

5. Ensure It’s an Everlasting Love
Add your partner to your car insurance. There’s no better way to say, “I believe in you, your driving skills, and your basic common sense.” Sharing insurance means that you vow to be in it for the long haul—through sickness, health, fender-benders, and flat tires. So romantic!

6. Trust Exercise
Let your significant other borrow your car. Bonus points if your sweetheart hasn’t driven stick in a decade—now that, that is love.