Uber, Lyft LAX Pick-Ups May Not Happen for Holiday Season

Paperwork, of all things, is holding up the green-light

It looks like we’ll be stuck circling around the terminals for Thanksgiving and maybe even Christmas, as approvals for pick-ups by ridesharing companies are still stuck in bureaucratic hell (thankfully, drop-offs remain legal).

The mayor promised LAX travelers would be able to catch a Lyft or Uber to their home or hotel this summer, but it now could be “by Thanksgiving” or even “by the end of the year,” sources told the L.A. Times. Airport officials claim they’re waiting for paperwork from Uber, which the rideshare behemoth tells us they just submitted (Lyft filed all the necessary paperwork earlier).

Another wrench in the plans is a Westside group appealing the City Council’s approval of the pick-up this summer; the locals don’t think the drivers will be vetted enough. The council is expected to formally reject the appeal this fall or winter. Don’t mistake that for lax requirements by the city, though; officials are keeping a tight reign over where Uber and Lyfts can operate near the airport and charging each LAX ride $4 that’ll go to the airport’s general fund. Another interesting tidbit is that Uber and Lyft pick-ups will happen on the departure level, which adds a bit of inconvenience by requiring fliers with bags to ascend another level.

While everything is worked out, there is one easy way to get a pick-up at the airport: Hop any of the buses that circle the airport, whether to a hotel, parking lot, or bus depot, and summon your ride from there.