Three Ideas for Decorating Your Holiday Gift-Car


‘Tis the season to shower your loved one with gifts, but how exactly do you squeeze that new Prius under the tree? If you’ve gone the extra mile and purchased a new vehicle for a friend (a very good one), family member, or loved one, you have to get a bit creative in how you present the present (it’s never easy sneaking out Christmas morning to retrieve the car from where you parked it down the street). Here are some ideas to really wow your recipient:

The Large Bow
Yes, it’s not the most original way to adorn a gifted car, but it’s still better than presenting a bare vehicle and saying, “Here you go.” If you’re crafty, you could head to Michael’s, buy some materials (Michael’s actually sells a car bow ribbon), and create one yourself (here’s a primer). If you’re insanely busy like most folks, buy one. There are giant car bows for sale on Amazon, eBay, and a website called (none seem to be more than about 40 bucks). Check out the video below and get to work!

Giftwrap It
OK, so this is for those who really want to make an impression. You’ll have to sneak out earrrrrly to get this done, but it will worth it if you can pull it off. Ehow recommends not trying to actually cover the car in wrapping paper, but placing decorated poster boards in the windows, arranging smaller gifts on the hood, gift wrapping the car’s manual, adorning the hubcaps with spray-painted paper plates, and topping it off with ribbons and helium balloons.

The Sexy Garage Lure
Here’s the way to do it if you’re style is a bit more understated (and comical). Sneak out, with your cellphone, to the garage, driveway, or curb and climb on that hood (no shoes!). Call your recipient and make them come outside; you’ll be sprawled on the car like Burt Reynolds on that bear-skin rug. Bonus points if you’re still in pajamas and/or bathrobe.