This Video Perfectly Captures Post-Uber L.A. Life

Get sloppy drunk tonight! You’re not driving

For many Angelenos, especially those in their teens, 20s, and 30s, there’s life before and after Uber. Rideshare apps like Uber have enabled bar flies and night owls to untether from their cars and drink like they live in Brooklyn.

Even though Uber has had no shortage of controversy, there’s no denying the opportunity it has afforded and the change its wrought in this sprawling city. Videomaker Shirin Najafi acknowledged this seismic shift, added a heavy dose of comedy, good acting, and steady camerawork and created, “Before and After Uber.”

The five-minute video chronicles three female friends and their wild misadventures on an Uber-enabled night—a short prologue shows how much slower life was before the advent of the app. Check it out below.