The Star Wars Fiat Awakens at the L.A. Auto Show

There’s <em>Star Wars</em> makeup, so why not cars?

We laughed at those commercials for Star Wars makeup (especially when Stephen Colbert did a segment on the silly concept), but this marketing tie-in doesn’t completely make us cringe.

The Stormtrooper Fiat, a special 500e and a collaboration between LucasFilm and Fiat, made its debut this week at the L.A. Auto Show, Jalopnik reports. Garage Italia Customs created the black and white soldier, with a big visor on the dash that probably renders actual driving impossible. Who cares? The stormtrooper motif covers the interior as well as the exterior, with the Star Wars logo above the glove compartment and a scary ‘trooper mask on the horn.

No word on whether anyone can actually buy the car; there’s no shortage of people who would fork over their life savings for this mobile member of the Dark Side.


Image courtesy Jalopnik