A Sixth Street Bridge Bash Got a Bit Out of Control

What’s a celebration without the police?

The iconic Sixth Street Viaduct connecting Downtown’s Arts District with Boyle Heights shut down this morning, but an epic good-bye party took place last night.

Low-riders took one last cruise across the 3,500 foot-long bridge, while people milled about and shared childhood stories. While many are happy that an architecturally-significant replacement, complete with parks and walking trails, is on its way, there’s no shortage of nostalgia for the deteriorating, 1930s-era bridge.

The nostalgia-tinged gathering soon attracted hundreds of people and cars—and the LAPD stopped by to break up the crowd. The scene looked a bit menacing (see below), and one person was even arrested for resisting orders. But in the end, it was a mostly peaceful party and one more story for the L.A. history books. Demolition on the old bridge will likely take place next month, which will require a 40-hour closure of the 101 freeway.