The Pied Piper of L.A. Soothes Traffic Beasts

A little John Fogerty makes any commute better

When driving in or around a big city, gridlock is a fact of life. You can deal with it or you can age yourself prematurely by freaking out and digging your nails into the wheel. There are some inspiring examples of the former that were recently captured on film; they nearly make traffic seem fun.

Here at home, YouTuber Alex Grosse was stuck at Melrose and Highland when he encountered the legendary Pied Piper of L.A., who serenades drivers with his flute (ok, recorder) skills. The enthusiastic musician, playing John Fogerty’s “I Saw It On TV,” put a smile on Grosse’s face before he zoomed off. The short clip, posted on Mashable, has over 276,000 views. Another video of the Pied Piper, this time rocking out in Beverly Hills, has nearly 650,000 views.

East Coast drivers could have used a Pied Piper on Tuesday morning, when a truck overturned on the infamous New Jersey Turnpike. Drivers were trapped for hours, but instead of bitching, many got out of their cars to sunbathe, read, chat, and play catch, reports Buzzfeed. Hey, it beats working.