The Other Ride From Back to the Future Heads to Hollywood Next Week

It’s not the DeLorean but it’s still pretty awesome

Back to the Future nuts know that the date of the “future” in the movie—October 21, 2015—is next week. Toyota is aware of the fact too, and is using it to promote their brand.

On Wednesday, Toyota will recreate Marty McFly’s truck in the movie via a 2016 Tacoma. The truck, ensconced in a giant toy box, will be parked at the bottom of the grand stairs at Hollywood & Highland, with folks encouraged to ogle and take pictures.

The Tacoma will, of course, not be the original 1985 Toyota Xtra Cab 4×4 truck, which Jalopnik says was stolen, taken to Mexico, and possibly used to cart drugs. It’s since been found and restored, though it won’t be on Hollywood Boulevard next week, sadly.