The Most Epic “Carmageddon” Ever Was Not in L.A.

This traffic jam makes rush-hour 405 look like smooth sailing

The Chinese are beating us at everything these days—including traffic jams. A terrifying 50-lane shutdown snarled the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway recently, as a week-long Chinese holiday came to a close.

This image from Reuters and China Daily capture the extent of this logjam. Foggy weather was partly to blame for the mess, CityLab reports, but it was the required merging of 50 lanes into 20 that really caused the problem—drivers were all required to pass through a checkpoint that tied up traffic for hours. The names “carmageddon” (hey, that’s ours!) and “carpocalypse” made the rounds around social media during the nightmare, while drivers were gauged for water and food from vendors who threatened to break windshields if people refused to pony up the dough. Check out a Mashable video of the congestion below.

China is swiftly becoming the traffic jam capital of the world (and the smog capital; thanks for stealing our thunder, China). You may recall the 2010 traffic jam that lasted over 11 days and stretched for 74 miles. That cause: road work.