The Day The Valley Ceded Its Streets to Pedal Power (and Feet, Wheelchairs, & Unicycles)


The 12th CicLAvia touched down in an unlikely place on Sunday: The Valley.

The event, which bans cars and other motorized vehicles on certain streets and makes way for pedestrians and cyclists, was a hit, even in L.A.’s most car-centric stretch. The event commandeered scenic stretches of Ventura and Lankershim boulevards, bringing food trucks, information kiosks, live music, and bike repair stations to the six-mile route.

Thankfully, the weather was cool, which helped increase the number of youthful attendees (more walkers and wheelchairs were also featured in this CicLAvia than in previous events). Participants also previewed a protected bike lane coming to North Hollywood and new public plaza in NoHo.

CicLAvia is becoming a part of the culture of L.A. Soon, Long Beach and Pasadena will get to host their own car-free days. For now, check out how the Valley rolled out the red carpet for cyclists and walkers with these Flickr photos.