Former Jackass Star Steve-O in Lukewarm Water After Freeway Sign Stunt


Jackass‘s Steve-O is no fan of Sea World, thanks to their controversial care of killer whales (as explored in the documentary Black Fish). The 40-year-old funny man/stunt guy is not the type of person to write a sternly-worded letter; instead he took his grievance to the 5.

Back in May, Steve-O scaled a sign on the freeway in San Diego—after many attempts at ascending, he simply bought a ladder—and defaced the lettering for Sea World Drive. Instead of the last word, he taped a big “SUCKS” sign over “Drive.”

The whole effort was captured in a video that Steve-O proudly uploaded this summer. Now, the California Highway Patrol wants vandalism and trespassing charges against the wily star, while the San Diego city attorney’s office tossed a $239 ticket at him (not that Steve-O can’t cover that, but PETA, long an enemy of Sea World, said they’d take care of the infraction).

Check out the Steve-O video below, which is incredible for several reasons: he is as committed to getting the sign up there, as he is hurting himself for laughs (and he does hurt himself on the 5). Even more amazing is the fact that Steve-O was working on climbing the sign for several days and no one reported him to the cops, or if they did, no one actually responded and arrested him. Not that we’re suggesting someone head to the 101 and tape ‘Claus’ over the second-part of the Santa Monica Boulevard sign.