Stephen Colbert Can Now Give You Waze Directions

The talk show king supplies one of the app’s new celebrity voices

If you want a little wit and sarcasm served with your driving directions, Waze now has you covered.

The real-time traffic app—now owned by Google—is debuting three new celebrity voices that will help get you conquer rush-hour traffic. Stephen Colbert, Neil Patrick Harris, and New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski have all signed up to help route drivers. Of course, all three guys are promoting something.

App users will hear Colbert talk about THE LATE SHOW with STEPHEN COLBERT (watch Colbert in action below), while Harris will plug his new show, Best Time Ever, and The Gronk will try to sell you on Dunkin’ Donuts. No big complaints over Waze’s first three celeb voice-overs, though how about some ladies (Susan Sarandon? Danica Patrick?) or voice-over maestro James Earl Jones?

Waze is also introducing another new option: hazardous intersection warnings. We’re not talking about a sudden pothole, but areas that are notoriously prone to accidents. In five cities, including L.A., Waze will warn drivers that they’re entering a dangerous intersection—which is determined via Waze and city data.

In related Waze news, the Daily News reports that officials are grousing over the app directing drivers through Valley parks. “Traffic apps such as WAZE advertise routes through parks like Franklin Canyon Park,” Fernando Gomez, chief ranger for the Mountain Recreation Conservation Authority, told the paper. “This has resulted in a substantial increase in traffic and created a huge hazard for park users.”