Something We Need: Potholes That Tweet


Potholes aren’t just the bane of Angelenos’ existences; they’re a menace in Panama City. Advertising agency P4 Ogilvy & Mather came up with a brilliant conceit, Jalopnik reports, where they placed tweeting sensors on top of the craters, which sent out a missive to city officials every time a vehicle ran over them.

El Hueco Twitero (The Tweeting Pothole) tweeted directly to Panama’s department of public works, alerting them of the sketchy roads. Ogilvy knew it had to add a little spice of bizarre humor for this idea to really catch on.

Via Google translate: “I am retaining fluid, that’s not good for my figure. @MOPdePanama Rains make me worse, please do something!”

Another: “When MOPdePanama repairs me , I will draw more attention than Caitlyn Jenner Kardashian. Kanye is going to want to park on me.”

Ogilvy teamed up with a local TV station, which encouraged locals to tweet and reweet the public works department. The end result: more patched potholes and fewer damaged vehicles. We anxiously await L.A.’s version, The Tweeting Canyon, any day now.