The Seven Best Car Clubs in SoCal


Everyone knows Southern California is a hotbed of car enthusiasts. Mild weather and wide roads create a friendly environment for keeping beautiful machines, whether classic or just cool, in mint condition. Within this car culture exist many sub-cultures, and is their internet gathering place. Here’s our round-up of the local meetup groups with significant membership bases.

500 Madness – FIAT Owners
Fiat owners and enthusiasts find their gathering place at 500 Madness, a Fiat parts, accessories, and service shop in Signal Hill. Monthly events for the Meetup group include caravans to car shows, canyon caravans, and track events. On Sunday, December 7, 500 500 Madness hosts their 3rd annual Toys for Tots event with coffee and donuts, a Fiat fun run, lunch, and a raffle.

SoCal Canyon Runners Car Club
Over 300 car enthusiasts gather monthly to share their love of cars. Enthusiasts of all brands, models and styles are welcome to join in on canyon cruises, shows, and events. Their next gathering is also a Toys for Tots charity event on December 7, this time in Woodland Hills, where over 1,000 exotics will be on view for drooling pleasure.

Los Angeles Formula 1 Fans
Ever pined for a crew as into the Formula One Grands Prix as you? Here you have it: the Los Angeles Formula One Fans gathers at Cock n’ Bull Pub in Santa Monica for every Formula One World Championship race. Though the 2014 season is now over, pencil March 15 into your calendar for the start of the 2015 season.

Gay Sports Car Fans
The name says it all: this LGBT sports car enthusiast meet-up group organizes caravans, dinners, brunches, and track events. You don’t event have to be gay to join – you just need to have a passion for sports cars.

SoCal Smarties
Over 500 Smart Car owners keep sharp with fun runs, holiday events, and all other kinds of bright gatherings. Upcoming are a Toys for Tots event on December 6 and a Holiday Lights Night Time Tour on December 28.

Los Angeles Ford Mustang Lovers
Do you own and drive a Mustang? That’s the obvious prerequisite for joining the Los Angeles Ford Mustang Lovers meetup group, which gathers for regular weekend cruises and car show events. On the first day of the new year, add your ‘stang to the annual Tour D’Orange, a caravan cruise through Orange County.

Ladies Under the Hood
Founded just this year, Ladies Under the Hood is a group of women who’ve taken car maintenance into their own hands. Though no meetups have yet been scheduled, and memberships lingers at a low 34, the idea is great: for women to meet at a garage and work together on basic maintenance or detailed car customization. Should you be a lady with an interest in grease-monkeying around, join Ladies Under the Hood and help get them off the ground.