Rampaging Mud Engulfs Vehicles in L.A., Kern Counties

The 5 is closed after dirty mess crashes down

The Grapevine is impenetrable, while the 58 highway looks like a disaster area, after heavy rains triggered mudslides measuring as high as 20 feet.

No injuries were reported; a welcome surprise considering the horrifying scenes captured on video. Worst affected were drivers on the 58, which connects Bakersfield to Barstow through Kern County, after mudslides rained down on Thursday afternoon thanks to heavy rains that missed L.A. Some drivers—who were thrown around or buried in detritus—were rescued that evening, while others sat it out overnight.

Back on the Grapevine in L.A. County, the scene was less catastrophic, though hundreds were stranded near Castaic; 40 miles of the 5 freeway remains closed while vehicles are dislodged. Northbound lanes on the 5 should reopen Friday afternoon, while southbound lanes should follow soon after, the L.A. Times reports. Driving in the area is not recommended, as more rains could pummel the area in the afternoon and into Saturday.

Apparently, the storms are not El Nino related.

Check out video on the situation below, including a local CBS news report and a scary scene from the 58.