Pregnant Cows, Angry Bees Involved in SoCal Freeway Crashes

Apocalyptic accidents are our thing, OK?

It was bad enough that a 34-year-old man blew a tire while driving on Route 261 in Irvine. Then he crashed into a light pole, exposing live wires. Then, a bee hive on the pole was knocked lose, releasing a swarm of angry insects that attacked two good samaritans who were trying to free the driver.

A man and a woman, driving in two separate vehicles, were stung repeatedly as they attempted to help the truck driver. All were later treated—including others who tried to help and got stung—and will survive to drive again. Firefighters had to don bee-proof veils and spray water and foam on the bees to reach the driver and get him out of the truck (his windows were rolled up, so he luckily wasn’t stung).

If you think this is the craziest car accident in the area involving animals, that would not be the case. Back in late April, an animal trailer overturned on the 210 in Sylmar, with two pregnant cows, three sheep, and a dog inside. Forty members of the LA Fire Department came to the rescue, extricating the dog and sheep. They had to hoist the cows out, and sadly, one had to be euthanized due to a broken leg.

We have yet to experience an accidental shark release or lion rampage on the 101, but just give it time…