About Those “No Kardashian Parking” Signs


Plastic Jesus, the artist behind the infamous Oscar-snorting-coke statue, is rabble-rousing again. This time his target is the fame-obsessed Kardashian clan. He posted numerous “No Kardashian Parking” signs throughout L.A., including in front of the DASH store on Melrose Avenue.

P.J. explained the impetus for his latest piece this way:  “The inspiration for the ‘No kardashian Parking’ signs, along with much of my work, comes from a concern over the extent at which we focus on the cult of celebrity. I have nothing personally against the Kardashians, but while chasing circulation, viewers and media hits mainstream media seems to be ignoring real news. My criticism is also of us, the media and consumers of celeb content. Without us watching the shows, subscribing to the websites or buying the publications from the newsstands there would be no celebrity overload.”