Peaceful Black Lives Matter Protest Briefly Shuts Down 405

Occupying a freeway is the best way to get attention for a cause (at least in L.A.)

Drawing attention to recent police shootings of African-American men in Minnesota and Louisiana, Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets, er the freeway, on Sunday night in Inglewood.

At about 10:30 p.m., dozens of activists entered the freeway. Pictures and video show #BLM supporters perilously close to cars on the 405—thankfully, no one was hurt and most drivers patiently waited for the 10-minute long occupation. No arrests were made.

“There has been no reason for interference by us,” Inglewood Police Lt. Gregory Held told the L.A. Times. “It’s all been peaceful.”

The protest then moved to La Cienega and Manchester boulevards, where protesters chanted for the cause while forming a huge peace sign near Randy’s Donuts.

Black Lives Matter came for the 405 before; most recently around Christmas, where nine activists were arrested, with some allegedly shackled by police during the holiday. On a lighter note, the 405 was the scene of a dinner party when the freeway was shut down for “Carmageddon.”