Paul Walker’s Daughter Wins Massive Settlement in Crash Suit

The latest turn in the legal battles surrounding the actor’s 2013 death

There were two big announcements this week involving the fiery crash that killed Fast and the Furious actor Paul Walker and racing enthusiast Roger Rodas. The first was that a lawsuit from Rodas’s widow against Porsche—the men were riding in a Carrera GT during the November ’13 collision—was dismissed by a judge.

The more recent news involves Walker’s daughter, Meadow, and her suit against Rodas’s estate. Rodas, a financial planner and owner of the local racing shop, Always Evolving, was driving the 2005 Carrera when it slammed into a Valencia light pole while speeding.

Rodas’s family settled Meadow Walker’s suit with a $10.1 million settlement, taking partial responsibility for the crash. The Walkers believe the money will cover some of the lost income the actor would have made in his lifetime.

In Kristine Rodas’s lawsuit against Porsche, her attorneys argued the Carrera’s suspension failed before the accident and the car had an inadequate crash cage. Judge Philip Gutierrez disagreed, saying details of the grisly deaths didn’t correspond with accusations of the Porsche’s deficiencies. The judge believed the excessive speed of the car—alleged to be over 90 mph on a residential street with a 45 mph speed limit—was the main reason for the crash.

Even with the Rodas suit dismissed, the Walker family is still moving forward with two cases against Porsche.