Ooh Shiny! Cars That Caught Our Eye This Week

Fueling your daydreams with a round-up of Instagram’s finest auto photos

We understand: sometimes you just want to look at pictures of pretty cars. To save you googling time, we’ve scoured Instagram for those autos that made our jaws drop. Have a favorite car photo? Show us using the hashtag #LADriver on Twitter and Instagram.

Two Lambos and a sunset courtesy instagram/lamborghinimiami.

Ferrari courtesy instagram/ferarrimiami.

Sharpie Lambo courtesy instagram/hydrofusem.

Ferrari flock courtesy instagram/dutchmotorsport.

Mansory supercar courtesy instagram/kartalnaz.

Chevrolet lowrider courtesy instagram/backinthemix_.

Nissan, tiger, and Mercedes-Benz courtesy instagram/grig324.

Featured gif courtesty of tumblr/anarchy718