Ooh Shiny! Cars of the Week

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We understand: sometimes you just want to look at pictures of pretty cars. To save you googling time, we’ve scoured Instagram for those Los Angeles autos that made our jaws drop.

We would love to be stuck behind this Aventador in Wilshire traffic. Photograph courtesy instagram/marcroman.

The Early Bird filter really brings out the vintage feel of this Barracuda. Photograph courtesy instagram/formtrends.

Behold, a Noble M40 Super Car via England. It revs with a slight accent. Photograph courtesy instagram/jgeyerphoto.

Ah, BMW and the beach. Yes please. Photograph courtesy instagram/jgeyerphoto.

So fresh, so clean, so pretty. Photograph courtesy instagram/weehy.

Smart car wrapped in tiger stripes? So fierce. Photograph courtesy instagram/stickercity.

This classic car calls for fur coats and a night out. Photograph courtesy instagram/la_solea.

Featured gif courtesty of tumblr/autoblog