Now Smell This: Car Company Colognes


Nothing beats that “new car smell,” but some automotive companies have branched out by creating scents for humans. We couldn’t find any car-themed perfumes (which is disappointing because it would be pretty fabulous for a lady to be able to smell like a luxury vehicle, in our humble opinion), but there are many colognes available for dudes who just can’t get enough of their favorite brand. Curious to if any of the fragrances channel notes of steering wheel, we gathered the three latest releases for a sniff test.

1. Bentley Azure for Men
This cologne shares a name with one of the company’s most decadent rides, so if you can’t get your paws on one of the only 1,400 four-seat convertibles that are no longer in production, this scent may be the next best thing. According to experts, pineapple, lemon, tangerine, and violet leaves float at the top of the fragrance, with pimento and lavender at its heart and tonka beans and cashmere wood in its base. To a non-expert, this light aqua liquid smells like alcoholic baby powder—in a good way! In a Brooks Brothers-wearing, mahogany library-owning kind of way.
1995 Bentley Azure: $350,000
Bentley Azure for Men, 100ml: $100

2. Porsche Design Sport
Catching up to the brand’s bestseller, Essence, in recent sales, Sport boasts an “intense and tonic freshness.” The scent is very fresh indeed, like a refined Axe body spray with a spicy, grown-up kick. Though the cologne isn’t uber unique, the design of the bottle certainly is: true to Porsche Design’s innovative dedication to function in all of its products (down to their titanium pens), the container doesn’t have a cap or any kind of closing mechanism. One press of the button on top does the trick, and the glass body is purposefully see-through so owners can plan on refilling the cartridge. The bottle is “designed to become a lifetime companion,” and may outlast an actual Porsche.
2015 Porsche 911: $184,000
Porsche Design Sport, 80ml: $85

3. Ferrari Cedar Essence
The Ferrari Essence Collection is made up of five different fragrances that are each supposed to represent one aspect of the “Gran Turismo spirit.” Since one of the other colognes is called Leather Essence, we are guessing cedar refers to luxury wooden paneling on a Ferrari interior (that, or lumberjacks). Cedar Essence does actually have cedarwood at its base, but smells sweeter and mellower than woodchips—there is a hint of warm marmalade. It’s the most subtle and underwhelming of the three scents, which can be welcome if you want to wear it daily or in a cubicle that you share with four other people. Bonus: Ferrari’s fragrance website has a fun quiz to determine which scent works best with your personality.
Vintage Ferrari Gran Turismo: up to $38 million
Cedar Essence, 100ml: $125