Now Possible: Buy a Car Online, Get It Delivered With a Bow

Startup Beepi has a fancy Christmas offer

Going to the dealership to buy a new car, with all the pressure and condescension, ranks as one of life’s worst experiences. The online marketplace Beepi hopes enough people have had it with the old way and instead tries their option, where you can buy and sell your car without putting on pants.

Licensed by the California DMV a year ago, Beepi certainly makes buying and selling sound pretty darn easy—if you’re ok with parting with extra fees, it sounds like a pretty sweet alternative. For sellers, an inspector comes to your home, checks out the car, and provides a quote. Beepi finds a buyer in 30 days or less, or they buy it. All the paperwork is handled by their folks and they pick the car up.

Buyers also seemingly get it good. They choose from certified cars, get their DMV paperwork with the car, a 10 day grace period to return the vehicle if you don’t love it, and delivery that taps out at $999 (if you’re nearby, it could be free). Some cars recently on the site included a 2015 Corolla for $15,800 and a 2013 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring for $21,300.

For now, Beepi is offering a Christmas special: buy before December 12 and you car will be delivered with a signature bow. Beats socks!