No Funny Business: Adam Carolla Talks Getting Over Haggling Anxiety

During Edmunds’ “Car Week,” dealerships are taking bargaining out of the car buying experience

Think of Car Week as the automotive version of Restaurant Week. Until June 15th, car dealerships have agreed to only sell models at or below Edmunds’ True Market Value price, no negotiations necessary. This eliminates the need to get B12 shots and chant empowerment affirmations before entering a car dealership: no haggle-stress this week! For those in the market for a new ride, this is a great opportunity to snag a deal, and for those of you who are planning on driving your tuna can for another five years, this is a great opportunity to go on a test-driving spree (we suggest calling for an appointment first).

Comedian, talk show host, and car enthusiast Adam Carolla attended Car Week’s kick-off, and shared his thoughts on how to purchase a car in the most painless way possible:

On Fretting Over Car Prices:
“I tell people all the time if you live in Los Angeles, there’s thing you want to spend money on and those things you don’t need to spend money on. Spend your money on a car and spend money on a mattress. You’re going to spend a lot of time on one or the other. In fact, when I’m in L.A., I’m either in my car or on my mattress. I maybe spend and eighth of my day on or in either one. And it’s funny because people spend a bunch of money on a time-share in Florida and they never use it. Or they’ll get a top of the line mountain bike, but they’re not even good enough for that titanium carbon fiber. Whatever. Get a good mattress and get a good car.”

On Doing Your Research:
“I’m here to tell people to go to and find your car there so you don’t have to be an expert to get your deal. That’s what the Internet is. You used to have to get that car guy to go with you to buy your car. Even me—I’m a car guy—I’m not a haggler, I’m not negotiator. I’m not good at saying, “Oh, not a penny more!” I would have to get a friend of mine’s dad who was a good haggler to come with me to the dealership to get the guy to play ball. Now, I kind of realize, those days are gone. You don’t need my friend’s dad anymore.”

On Why Haggling Can Be Scary:
“We’re not from a haggling culture. We don’t go into McDonald’s and go, “give me a Big Mac,” and the cashier goes, “that’s a buck fifty,” and you go, “woah, I got a dollar,” and the cashier goes, “how about one thirty-five?” We don’t haggle. You don’t go to a movie and haggle for the price of the ticket. We’re not living in a Turkish bazaar. Our haggling muscles have atrophied over the years, so we can’t just turn it on when we go into the dealership. And the problem with the dealership is that these guys haggle for a living. So you come down with your yellow belt in haggling and these guys have third degree black belts, you get your butt kicked. If you go in armed with the information—how much the car is worth—then it has removed all of their ability to haggle, which is going to be easier.”

For any further questions on how Car Week works, call Edmunds’ “Car People” hotline at 1-855-782-4711 or text ED411.