Here’s What the Future of Metro Could Look Like With a Half-Cent Sales Tax Increase

If voters pass a ballot initiative in November, this could all be yours

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and legal weed won’t be the only things fighting for your attention on November 8. Metro’s ambitious ballot initiative would pay for dozens of transit and freeway projects should voters agree to a new half-cent tax increase and a continuation of the 2008 half-cent tax increase for perpetuity (or until voters go back and rescind it). For this proposal to pass, over two-thirds of L.A. County voters must agree to it—that’s nearly 67 percent.

Metro is hoping to mollify as many voters across the county, especially those in the suburbs that care more about freeway upkeep than new light rail lines (there’s plenty of freeway/road projects included in the initiative). The L.A. Times‘ Laura Nelson just got a peek at the ballot language:

While Metro’s proposal is far from a sure thing—2008’s Measure R squeaked by, while a similar initiative narrowly failed in 2012—many are hotly anticipating its passage. Steve Boland, a transportation planner and part-time cartographer known as CalUrbanist, designed a map that shows all the future projects laid out. Styled after Central European transit maps, Boland’s design shows lines stretching from San Bernardino County to WeHo to Sylmar. Click below to enlarge and here for zooming options.


Image courtesy CalUrbanist

It will take a while to build out all these projects, with the last ones opening for service in the 2050s (better eat that kale!). Don’t worry, plenty of projects will start work much sooner. Such as:

96th Street station on the under-construction Crenshaw Line (the station will directly connect to a forthcoming LAX people mover). Groundbreaking: 2018. Opening: 2021.

Purple Line extension, Phase III, from Century City to Westwood VA Hospital. Groundbreaking: 2018. Opening: 2024.

Green Line extension to South Bay Galleria, Torrance. Groundbreaking: 2024. Opening: 2030.

Sepulveda Pass light rail or subway, connecting Westwood to the Valley. Groundbreaking: 2024. Opening: 2033.

There is no shortage of exciting transit/freeway/biking/walking projects this initiative (it doesn’t yet have a catchy name like Measure R or Measure R2). See a full list below, via The Source.

Proposed freeway, biking, and miscellaneous projects
Proposed freeway, biking, and miscellaneous projects
Proposed transit projects
Proposed transit projects