Metro’s New Twitter Feed Is Dedicated to Helping You Catch Pokémon

Need to get across town to catch an Omastar? They know the best way to get there

We got to give it to our county transportation agency for being so on trend—Metro launched its very own Pokemon Twitter account this week to help people play the game (safely).


Metro’s new feed has tips on catching the Pokemon, showing the creatures occupying the city’s vast transit system. An Onix has been spotted on one of the rail lines, and a super rare “Mariachichu” was appropriately hanging out at the Mariachi Plaza Gold Line station…

The feed is now trumpeting a big Pokemon “hunt” happening tomorrow at Grand Park at 10 a.m. near the subway station entrance; hunts organized by railLA are also happening at Exposition Park and Santa Monica.

Driving and playing “Pokemon Go” go together like sardines and peanut butter, so Metro wisely encourages leaving the car at home and using buses, trains, and feet to capture the adorable creatures around town. Riding on a bike to reach the creatures is ok—according to Metro, which just launched a new bike share—but don’t try to actually wrangle a Graveler while flying down Grand Avenue.