Matthew McConaughey Redeems Himself With Latest Lincoln Ads


Matthew McConaughey, he of Dazed and Confused, A Time to Kill, and Dallas Buyer’s Club, may have not helped his reputation as a kooky, slightly spacey type with his first round of commercials for Lincoln. Pontificating about bulls and speaking in a deadly-serious manner, McConaughey was spoofed by South Park and Saturday Night Live (of course, Lincoln laughed all the way to the bank; the commercials have been a hit for the car company and helped boost sales).

The newest round of clips are a bit more restrained though, and one we actually love. The first features the same humorless voiceover heard in earlier commercials, but there’s a nice shot of Mulholland Drive and a balanced message of sustainability when the actor talks up the MKZ hybrid. The second ad (our favorite), featuring just the MKZ, has our main dude sipping an espresso in a Silver Lake cafe as he waits for the rain to subside. It’s simple, but pretty and effective (sound familiar?). Watch below: