How Many Celebrities Does it Take to Drive a Lincoln?


Lincoln’s latest “knife through hot butter“-like commercials starring Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey have inspired some hilarious copy-catters in the last month. First, Ellen superimposed herself into footage from one of the spots, where McConaughey converses with a bull, eventually taking the long way home. The talk show host questions McConaughey’s contemplative intensity while munching on some “special brownies,” finishing her spoof by dancing to “Turn Down for What” in the Lincoln MKC’s backseat. The full video can be found below.

This weekend, Jim Carrey, for lack of a better word, Jim-Carrey-fied the Lincoln commercial on Saturday Night Live with a shot-for-shot remake of McConaughey driving on a New York City highway at night. The comedian tried his hand at doing a believable impression of the True Detective actor (we honestly think Kate Hudson did a better job at the American Cinematheque Gala), and progressively took the jokes to ridiculous levels. At one point, two children in the backseat ask what’s going on and Mc-Carrey-ghey looks in the rear-view mirror and asks, “Whose kids are these? And how did they get in my Lincoln?” The sketch reaches an ultimate crazy note when Carrey, driving the MKC bare-chested with his eyes closed, hits longtime SNL cast member, Kenan Thompson. If anything, the parody is proof that you should leave zen driving to the professionals (mainly, just Matthew McConaughey).

Lincoln’s ad game has been on-point this past year. Before McConaughey-gate the car company teamed up with Aloe Blacc to create a mulit-perspective music video in Downtown L.A. We’re all for seeing more cinematic commercials, especially if they feature eye-catching cars.