Man Uses Magic to Get Out of Speeding Ticket


Steven Brundage was on his way home from working as a magician at a party in New York City last Friday when he was pulled over for speeding. It was 3 a.m. in the morning, and Brundage had been driving 42 m.p.h. in a 30 m.p.h. zone. Two policemen approached Brundage’s car and asked him why he was on the road so late. When he told them he was a professional magician, they asked him to please step out of the car …

… To show them a magic trick.

In a video that has now been viewed over one million times (see below), Brundage not only performs some impressive magic tricks with a Rubik’s Cube (he can solve it by throwing it over his shoulder, while the rest of us refresh our Google search for “algorithm”), he escapes the speeding ticket. We repeat: Steven Brundage did a magic trick and got out of a speeding ticket. Never got your acceptance letter to night classes at The Magic Castle? No worries. You can learn anything on the Internet, and magic tricks are no exception. Here is an easy one you can master:

The “Ada-CARD-abra” Mind-Boggler

1. Buy a deck of playing cards. That required almost zero skill. We’re on a roll here.

2. Ask a friend or police officer to pick a card. Tell that person to memorize the card and show it to the audience (other police officer).

3. Put the card on top of the deck. Command the person who picked the card to place it at the top so you can’t see it. Use your Dumbledore voice.

4. Check which card is at the bottom of the deck. Then, make a really big, flashy deal about cutting the deck, putting the last card (which you remember) and the first card (which is the chosen one) together. By doing this, you don’t know which card was picked, but you know which card that card is next to.

5. Start flipping through the cards from the top. This might be a good time for some magic words, especially if it involves some audience participation. When you find the card that you memorized from the bottom, have your friend/assistant/police officer pick the next card from the deck. If you are lucky, this will be their card. If you are not lucky, may we suggest throwing all the cards up over your head and yelling, “Fifty-two card pick up”?

Of course, as with any feat of illusion and wonderment, this magic trick requires some practice. Also, we hope that you drive safely so you never need to try to get out of a speeding ticket in the first place.