Maddening: Coachella’s VIP Parking Policy

It might be cheaper to rent a Segway

With the first week of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival behind us, it’s looking like 2016 may be the most celeb-heavy iteration ever seen. Rihanna, Leo, Taylor, etc.; they’re all there.

One has to wonder: How the heck did they arrive at the Empire Polo Fields? Many A-list celebs—and partners of performers—are dropped off and ferried to an entrance via golf cart. The slightly less famous who drive in likely take advantage of Coachella’s infamous VIP parking policy—here’s how it works for the uninformed:

First off, it’s still a bit of a schlep from the VIP area (near the corner of Monroe and Avenue 49) to the actual entrance, though significantly shorter than the very distant free parking that’s offered, which is often more than a mile from the event grounds. So, how much dough is the shorter walk gonna cost? $150.

If you’re grousing about the price, revelers should also be aware that you can’t utilize the VIP parking unless you have VIP tickets.

“Everyone arriving in the car must also be wearing their VIP festival pass in order to access the VIP parking lot,” according to Coachella’s website. “[General admission] wristbands will NOT be allowed to enter the VIP parking area.”

So, even if have a regular ticket and wanted to pay for VIP parking, you can’t. On the upside, there is handicapped parking and the festival’s infamous pedicabs, which will set riders back about $20. Sorry, that $4,200 helicopter ride won’t help you here.