L.A. Ranks 193rd for Best Drivers in the Nation

We’ll take it

Sure, there are too many cars in L.A. But the bigger traffic issue here may be that drivers don’t know how to avoid plowing into each other —out of 200 cities, L.A. was just ranked 193rd in a “Best Drivers Report” from Allstate.

The study looked at the rate of accidents in each urban center and how long the average driver goes between collisions. While the average American driver goes a decade between accidents, Angelenos average a sad 6.3 years; the chance of an L.A. driver getting in an accident is nearly 60 percent higher than the average American. All those SoCal crashes translate to not only injuries, deaths, and financial loss, but also additional closed lanes, chokepoints, and rubbernecking.

Allstate was comprehensive in its study, looking at the rate of accidents in proportion to population density and precipitation—bad and bad on both counts for us. Sorry, more crappy news: satellite cities like Long Beach (145), Pasadena (167), and Glendale (195!) also rated horribly. Hold on though, we have good news! D.C., Baltimore, and Boston all ranked lower than we did. Suck it, East Coast!