Life on the Streets: Five Things You Don’t Know About L.A. Driving

Good news! We are more hygienic and less expensive than other cities

1. We love cronuts but hate the crumbs.

One-third of California’s car washes are in L.A. County. Photograph courtesy

2. You can bust a car for smoking.

Some ecoconscious cell phone users can report vehicles spewing too much exhaust by dialing #SMOG. Photograph courtesy

3. Our commutes aren’t the worst.

We spend 61 hours in traffic per year—that’s less than Washington, D.C., and equal to San Francisco. Photograph courtesy

4. Parking tickets? Steep but not the steepest.

Street citations in San Francisco and Chicago cost up to $9 more than ours do. Photograph courtesy

5. We don’t have any good car blogs.

Scratch that. We do now. Introducing L.A. Driver,’s new destination for car culture.