Last Segment of Wilshire Bus-Only Lane Opens Monday in West L.A.

Lots to remember for drivers and transit-riders

A patchwork rush-hour bus-only lane on Wilshire Boulevard will be officially completed and open for business on Monday morning, Metro reports. Though some have grumbled the lane is broken up in segments of Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, it has brought some traffic relief to bus riders since opening its first segment in April—though some headaches to crosstown drivers.

The final leg of the bus lane—just short of a mile—runs from Centinela Avenue at the L.A./Santa Monica border to Federal Avenue in West L.A. The added stretch brings the bus-only total on Wilshire to 7.7 miles. The bus-only rules (which are often broken by drivers, tsk tsk), apply from 7-9 a.m. and 4-7 p.m.

The $31.5 million bus lane now runs from MacArthur Park to San Vicente Boulevard, just east of Beverly Hills. It then picks up from the western BH border and runs to Comstock Avenue, cutting out at Condo Canyon before picking up at Selby Avenue and ending at Veteran Avenue, near the 405. With Monday’s opening at 7 a.m., they pick up again at Federal Avenue and now run to Centinela.

Some rules to remember:

-bikes are allowed in the bus lane
-cars will be ticketed for driving or parking in the bus lane during posted hours
-drivers cannot cross the solid white lanes
-cars can make right turns in the bus lanes

More info here.