LADOT Tries Out New Traffic-Calming Signal: The Flashing Yellow


At the five-point intersection of Venice and Robertson boulevards—where the 10 freeway spills out and an elevated Expo Line train station sits—cars, bikes, and pedestrians compete for space. That competition ended in tragedy in November when a high school student was struck by two cars and killed while crossing Venice. To the surprise of many, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation has taken definitive action after the tragedy in an effort to make this complicated intersection, recently reworked amidst the Expo Line extension, less of a threat.

One of the biggest dangers is cars racing onto Robertson Boulevard, some after the traffic light has changed to red. That’s led to many close-calls between cars and pedestrians. To make drivers yield to the numerous pedestrians heading to the train station, they installed flashing yellow signals, according to Streetsblog.

The flashing yellow is to alert drivers to turn with caution and to make sure there is no one in their path. This is the first time the city of Los Angeles has installed a flashing yellow, according to Streetsblog, though they are not new to other cities.

Take a look at the new set-up in the video below.