The Joy of Driving Solo


Tumblr recently perpetuated a pretty negative stereotype about Los Angeles: a post claiming that our fair city had been named “Best City to Cry in Your Car” was circulating last week. Until the some academy presents that award, we will assume that it’s fake. However, we do understand that your time in the car can sometimes be the only moments you will be alone all day. If you need to let out a sob or two, all power to you.

However, if you are looking for some more fun ways to use your alone time whilst driving, here are six alternatives to weeping in the front seat:

1. Channel Babs: Create an “In-Da-Car” playlist and remember to include songs you know all the words to—all the easier to belt with, my dear. Though it’s usually unwise to follow the advice of inspirational throw pillows, we really recommend to “sing like nobody’s listening.” Seriously, you will arrive to your destination feeling like a rock star. (Inspiration can be found here.)

2. Talk Radio: If you’re more of an NPR fan, why not interact with your radio? No one can hear you, so go ahead and pretend like you are a guest on All Things Considered, explaining a book you recently read to host, Alex Cohen. It doesn’t count as talking to yourself if you are just practicing your role as talk show interviewee.

3. Break A Sweat: For those who’ve checked out fellow drivers at a stoplight, you know this isn’t a new concept. Get jiggy with it! Do a ‘lil dance to whatever new Miley song Ryan Seacrest is playing, or if you are itching for a quick workout, try using the steering wheel for strength building. And then promptly blast the A/C.

4. Drop Everything and Read: All while keeping your eyes on the road! Invest in audiobooks and your commute will be reminiscent of elementary school when your teacher sat in a rocking chair and read to your class. If you’re unsure of what books to buy, join an online book club, or, for an even more relaxed route, check out the “beach reads” section on Amazon. That’s right, Nicholas Sparks basically has his own department. Score.

5. Eat Your Feelings: Stash a little package of your favorite snacks in your front console, out of sight from kids, spouses, and hungry dogs. You can save it for a rainy day (if one of those ever comes), or vow to break out the goodies on a day when you’re in the car for over an hour. Or, who’s stopping you? Squirrel away a stockpile of snacks in your car and treat the front seat like a private cabinet of happiness.

6. Call Your Mom: Sure, it’s your only alone time, but it could quite possibly be your only quiet time as well. Break the silence by giving a shout-out to a loved one you haven’t talked to in a while. If you’re feeling extra daring, choose someone random in your Contacts to call. Odds are, they will be happy to hear from you. If not, then maybe it’s time to clean out your Contacts.