Jalopnik’s Almost Perfect Car Film Fest is Coming Up

Location, location, location
Photograph courtesy Jalopnik

Love cars? Love movies? Love movies about cars? Jalopnik, the car-centric site run by the Gawker media empire, is making auto-cinephile dreams come true with the second annual Jalopnik Film Festival.

Not only will movies about cars and driving be on display at the November 6 event in New York, but anyone with a passion for autos and celluloid can submit their own homemade film. While last year’s event focused on big budget screenings of car movies like Ron Howard’s Rush, this year anyone can take part and enter their own movie.

Filmmakers have until September 15 to submit any car film, between 30 seconds to 120 minutes, to Jalopnik’s esteemed (but as of yet unnamed) panel of judges. Winning films—judged in categories like Best Action Camera Sequence, Best Short Documentary, Best Feature, Best Film About Car Culture, and Best Film About Motorsports—will be shown alongside the fancy Hollywood premieres. There’s also a contest where lucky winners will get the financial resources and stunt cars to make their own short film about car culture; the deadline for proposals is August 25.

A film festival focusing on sexy cars is certainly a good thing, but why is it in New York City? Jalopnik, and Gawker, are based in Gotham, for one. But the argument can be made that Detroit would be a great place to host such an event, since it’s hurting for an infusion of people, cash, and good press. There’s no doubt, though, the centers of car culture and the film industry are here, in Los Angeles. Maybe Jalopnik can be convinced to move their film festival out west in 2017, when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences opens up their Academy Museum at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue across the street from the Petersen Automotive Museum. Could there possibly be a better place than that intersection for a film festival about cars?